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Pool Maintenance

Having a good pool maintenance program can save you time and excess costs in the long run. Keeping your pool maintained will allow you to enjoy your pool for years to come. Regular pool maintenance will help you avoid excessive costs for major pool repairs or major product replacement that may result from poor pool maintenance.

At Hornsby Pool Care we understand that by giving our customers the correct technical advice and after sales service is key to successful pool maintenance. Backing this up with a carefully selected range of Bioguard pool products makes Hornsby Pool Care your number one stop for pool maintenance.

Because the water remains in your pool for long periods of time it is important that it is treated to keep it clean, attractive and enjoyable. Hornsby Pool Care has pool products to do this including pool sanitisers, stabilisers, clarifiers and stain removers. We also carry a wide range of pool filters, pool chlorinators and pool cleaners to ensure the water in your pool is safe and of the highest quality.

Make sure when you handle pool chemicals you read the label carefully. Most accidents involving pool chemicals are the result of not following directions for use, storage or handling. When they are used correctly, pool chemicals protect you.

It is very important to never mix chemicals together. Chemical reactions, explosion or fire may occur. Always add chemicals to pool water separately.

There are 3 basic steps to good pool maintenance:-

  • sanitise to kill bacteria continuously
  • remove waste to keep the water clear
  • prevent algae growth

Hornsby Pool Care stock the full range of Bioguard products to take care of these requirements.

Our qualified team can assist you with servicing your pool filter, all pool pump repairs, installing solar pool heating systems installed and repairs, pool cleaners, pool gas heating, pool electric heating, pool leak location and repairs, pool cleaners, chlorinators and salt chlorinators, as well as pool lighting and electrical work.